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Five Guilts Meme

This is totally jimpage363 's fault. Blame her. I do.

What is yours?
Explain yourself
Culinary: CheezIts, (Reduced Fat!) No sugar...almost a health food! I can plow thru a box in 2 days by myself.
Literary: Cross-genre scifi-romances I'm a sucker for (good) romance, and if it's taking place within a scifi universe? (Well, it IS a guilt)
Audiovisual: Tears in the Rain / Love w/ a Perfect Stranger 2 old *Harlequin* movies with big name stars, filmed in England/Florence. Really, it's the scenery I love!
Musical: Top 40 Radio in the car I like to sing along to the radio while I'm driving. I wish I had dark tinted windows.
Celebrity: William Shatner I *don't care* that he's old and fat, he'll always be the first man that juiced me

Now I tag:-

gryphonrhi taselby catdragon elynross and shearebliss

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.