Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

rant and ye shall receive

You know, I love the synchronicity of the universe. Just the other day, I ranted here about reading one too many stories where the writers don't take injuries seriously enough.

Well, I've found heaven! A long, long SGA story in which Rodney gets seriously injured and it's very realistic. But also, just as important, it's not a simple, boring hurt/comfort. No, this is a great story and the author sets a great tone, in Rodney's POV. It's breezy, it's stunningly real, and it's got a lot of great detail and goings-on and good characterizations.

In short: I highly recommend it! Go forth and read!

Salt of the Earth, by Dasha, in three long, meaty parts, at Area 52
Tags: rec, sga
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