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new tech!

I have to squee-l about my new computer and router I've set up: yay! Yay! Hoo ha!

It's extremely fast (a nice improvement over the older, slower desktop I'm passing down to my husband) with a nice, crisp 19" flat panel display. The D-Link router is working great guns, and after struggling for two years to figure out why the Netgear wouldn't work properly, why it seemed to not want to renew the IP addresses after a few hours, this effortlessness is *oh so niiiice*. If spouse wants to go to sleep, I can hop out of the bedroom and stay connected on my laptop. Spouse can either use his laptop, or connect on the old desktop in his office. It's such a relief. Yay!

I have since joined for a pittance, and have acquired more music files to add to my collection. (And, it's a mystery to me, but I *swear* it's almost *exactly* like Napster, same kind of file sharing software, same protocols, nearly identical. And yet this is legal. I'm still scratching my head over this, but hey, I'm not complaining. Ignorance is bliss.)

On another note, I'm delving back into Stargate SG-1 fiction, lots of Jack/Daniel. Been years since I've read much of it, so there's a wealth of it to plunder. Woo-hoo!

Spouse is home for a week, then off to Alaska, then New Jersey, for a two week ride. Since I don't do the grass, summers are always interesting around here. The lawn goes from *manicured* to *hay* and back to *manicured* can always tell when he's home or gone. I enjoy watching the change from the lounge on the deck, palm or laptop nearby. *g* Meanwhile, I'm glutting on *fic*.


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