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Oh ye gods. This isn't the first time I've run across this, but I can safely say it was one time too many. EEKKKK. Why, oh why, oh WHY do people write this???

Scenario: Some kind of pretty serious, or at least *very* *painful* and somewhat debilitating injury has occured. In this morning's story, it was a very bad, nearly dead injury necessitating six hours of surgery (huh, I accidentally typed sex hours...let's not go to what that says about me)... So SIX hours of surgery, a medically induced healing coma, and shortly after returning to fully conscious state and having the gorgeous never-before-seen lust object poke his head into the room, the patient immediately sprouts a woody.


PEOPLE--!!!! Get a little medical knowledge, or at least a little common sense before tapping fingers to the keyboard! The body can only do so much--!!

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