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So, apropos of nothing, I'm lying in bed, reading a really great, long story on my palm zire (sga, john/rodney, which, for some time now, has been totally making my boat float,) and the kazillion glasses of water and herbal hot tea I consumed earlier make me hop out and go pee. Which is not really important, but the thought I had while doing so is.

So there I am, on the throne, grinning like a loon, because I realized that I have a humongous hard drive full of wildly excellent, fabulous stories, and I could see myself, old and grey, kicking back and rereading all this fabulous stuff I've snatched and saved over the years from everybody's website, from listservs, from ljs, and realizing I never will be bored, never ever, not as long as we still have power out there to juice up my computer. And as long as my eyesight holds up, which, I have to say, I plan on it doing, despite genetic tendencies that run in my family for macular degeneration. I refuse to go there; I've had enough shit dumped on me in my life, I want the *decent eyesight* to stay so I can read and cackle and cry and get horny right up until the time I shuffle off this mortal coil.

Because, really--the quality of writers in our small corner of the universe here in fandom is incredibly, awesomely *huge*, so much beauty and joy and emotion and sex and plot and complexity and simplicity and insight (and sometimes all at once in some stories) that thinking about it just kind of took my breath away for a moment.

I mean, how lucky are we to have this with each other? And my God, it's *free*--all that talent gushing out of our computers for the price of a connection.

So this is my salute, raise-the-glass, heart-felt THANK YOU to every writer out there in fandom (even the the, uh, less than talented ones, because after all, they add texture and great comparison fodder to each fandom)(and, to be perfectly honest, they usually have *one* nice feature in their stories, if I can see past the misspellings and overuse of phrases instead of complete sentences and the characters crying every other scene)(which, okay, I don't do all that often)(okay, *rambling* now)...where was I? Oh yes:


And, if you're reading this, it most probably includes *you*, so here's a big hug and wet *smak* of the lips. On body part of your choice :-) Because, after all, one good thing deserves another.

And another. And another.... okay, going back to reading now.
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