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New Moon/Solar Eclipse

Yes, friends, it's that time of the month again. (oh, well, that too.) We had a lovely new moon at 8^ Aries this morning at 5:15 am EST...so all you Aries (and Leo and Sag) people out there are most likely experiencing an interesting week. Take advantage of the surge and seed your efforts *now* in the pursuit of something new in your life.

I picked up the phone and called ECU (East Carolina Univ) to find out about my master's program, only to discover that the off-campus program here in my town is already in session and no one can join it midway. AND...my 12 credits toward the MSW that I have from 1995 are basically out of date--they only carry them over 7 years. Mummph. So it's back to the drawing board, and back to waiting until another closer off-campus cohort program starts nearby, or until I no longer have the parent and the kid at home (which means either funeral home, nursing home or my brother's for my father, and a group home for my offspring.)

So, at least I tried surfing the wave of positive beginnings...only to get buried in the sand as soon as I started. I think this new moon's effects are going to have a more....long term manifestation in my life. :-)