Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

Well I'm batting two for two these past twenty-four hours....  I posted a query to sgastoryfinders and the mods deleted it because it didn't conform to the rules....seems they read it as me asking for a genre of stories instead of a specific one. (How in the hell do you ask for a specific story when all you remember is IT WAS A BASEBALL STORY? And most likely John/Rodney?) (yes, I admit,  I rambled a bit about an *idea* I had for a baseball story after I asked the bad. Bad Ruth. Bad girl. Bad.)

Oooooo-kay. I posted stripped-down version of the query to sgagenrefinders, and the mod THERE posted I needed to reword b/c it sounded like I was asking for a specific story.


I nearly replied by asking why don't they create a f*cking template for posting so that posters don't pull their hair out trying to figure out how to word it so it doesn't trip their bad girl alarm???

You know, I love being in my 50s. I could give a shit anymore what people think of me...the only reason I didn't reply like that was b/c I didn't want to get tossed off the comm *gg*. Otherwise, I'd let it rip. It's so very cathartic.

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