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As usual, it takes the extreme to get ostrich heads out of the sand

Hurricane Katrina had a purpose, a grim one to be sure, but nonetheless, a mighty purpose: to kick the United States' metaphorical butt and WAKE US THE F*CK UP to what we (in general) have been in denial about: from politicos' lies and actions to screw what they can get from us, corporations doing the same thing, and the population itself being complicit and even eager in our own screwing: allowing outrageous environmental situations to go on (for the sake of our luxuries and the almighty dollar) and supporting crooks and liars at all levels of government who spout pseudo-religious BS.

For the past five days, I've been seeing that gradual wake-up happening on the tv: stark reporting about people abandoned and left starving and dehydrated while those in charge congratulate each other on jobs well done--and it's pissed people off big-time. Too late for those poor, poor people down in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, but please, please, dear God, not too late for our country as a whole.

Because I fear that, if we don't heed this lesson, this kick in the butt by Guidance, we're in for much, much worse down the line. And *soon*. Karma builds up and waits for no man, and when it falls, it can fall like a ton of bricks.

Here's an example of what I've been longing to see in the mainstream media for five years:

Read this article, a good example of what's going on

And please, don't forget to give to the relief organization of your choice (if it's Operation Blessing, I'll hit you!) and pray--or send positive vibes, if that's your thing--for the Gulf Coast area and the people effected by the hurricane, and the relief workers who are helping, and most importantly, to the leaders of this country who desperately need an infusion of wisdom and compassion.
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