Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

SurveyFail kurfluffle

Has everyone heard of the latest kurfluffle, SurveyFail? I just spent a while catching up on it through various links to blogs, posts on lj & dw....what utter asses those so-called researchers are. My favorite is this post:

I ADORE this:

Kruger and Dunning are interested in whether, below a certain level basic competence, it becomes very difficult for people to improve their skills - because they are, in fact, too incompetent to be able to tell the difference between competence and incompetence in the first place.

OMG---words can't express the love I have for that. Love, utter, utter, love. *love*

here's some more linkage:

Plenty of individual people have wonderful posts on their journals/blogs, you'll have to find them by following links :-)

Tags: rant, surveyfail
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