Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

I've already done my good deed for the day.... Driving back from dropping my daughter off this morning, there was a work van stopped just inside my street. Next to it was a turtle in the road. I braked like crazy and got out to see if it was injured...nope. The work guys were just looking at it, sheesh. Asked me if I were going to make turtle soup out of it, HA. Told me I'd better watch out cuz it's a snapper, (well DUH). I think I must have had them really confused: here's this fairly nicely dressed middle aged woman hops out of an upscale SUV, and like a pro, whips that 12"-15" snapper up by the tail and plops him in the back of my vehicle to haul home. LOL

We have an area in the far back of our property that's rather wild-ish, and there's a huge ditch running between the properties on our street and the ones behind us on the next one, about 10 foot or so in depth. Because of the tremendously high water table here (one reason why no one has basements) all properties have ditches along all 4 sides, mostly shallow ones, for water run off, but in some case, like the rear one of ours, it's deep. And it'll fill up when there's a lot of rain, and stay that way like a creek.

Anyway, we rescue all the turtles we run across because the idjits around here seem to like to run over them (MORONS). Some of the ones we've brought home are huge...painted, snappers, all sorts. So today we have a new addition to the managerie :-)
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