Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

This has to be the best quote about fandom in the history of just about says it all.

(gakked from monanotlisa , gakked from rahirah )

"The trouble with fandom is not the people who don't like the shows or the characters you like. No, the trouble with fandom is the people who like the shows and the characters you like, but in the wrong way. The people who love your favorite character but have a completely different take on his/her motivations. The ones that write schmoopy fic about a pairing that is obviously intended to be angstful, or who turn the light-hearted roguish hero into a tortured, alienated cutter. The ones who write meta that is consistent and well-expressed and completely missing the point. These are the people one ends up twitching and foaming at the mouth about."
Tags: fandom, quote
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