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there is much beauty in this life

I've been re-entering my usual life for the past 24 hours after attending a workshop this weekend, level two of the Flames meditation classes. It's two days of mostly meditation, which might not sound like something very hard, and it isn't while you're doing it, but after... Reentry is the proper term; it can be as chaotic/fiery/bumpy as reentry from space back through our atmosphere. Going from an environment of high energy, total love and support back to...well, everyday life, is a real bucket of cold water. It's worse when you know it's coming.

The workshop was fabulous, of course. I love this technique, *love love love*. Looking forward to levels 3 and 4, and eventually teaching it. Meanwhile, just radiating the flames in meditation for the healing/raising of energies, from the personal, to others, to our country, to the world, is a very satisfying thing to do everyday. When I do, I am aware of being part of a tradition of shamans/wiseones/priests/yogis/monks/etc that stretches back to the dawn of time, that exists in the ethers always, always acted upon by the teachers, wise ones, healers, angels and enlightened beings who constantly imagine the world into beingness.

There is much beauty in this life that invigorates us, that has coalesced to become matter. It is up to us to shake the darkness off and uncover it.
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