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Personal fiction listing

To make it easier to access, since we're all about quick and easy in our modern world, I'm going to keep this master list up top. I'll add all new fic to it as I s-l-o-w-l-y churn it out. If I'm lucky, it may churn out medium :-)

Sundara's Fiction List

Star Trek

A House of Cedar,  TOS,  K/S,  ADULT;  15,762 words

Passages,  TOS, pre-slash K/S, PG;  7464 words

Learning Home,  TOS,  K/S,  ADULT;  26,498 words

Sharing the Wealth,  ST:XI,  K/S,  R;  ~1000 words

Innocence Lost,  ST:XI,  Chekov, Kirk, crew;  G/Gen;  ~1000 words

Deviated Sequitur,  ST:XI,  Kirk, crew;  Gen;   ~2700+ words

Not the Enemy,  ST:XI,  Kirk, Spock, crew;  Gen;  ~1000 words

Sgt. Peeper's Lonely Hearts Club Band,   ST:XI,  Kirk/Spock;  PG;  ~1000 words

Harry Potter

Lucid Intervals, HP/SS, R; unfinished, 17k+words

Stargate Atlantis

Everybody Needs Some Time Away,  McKay/Sheppard;  R;  ~1000 words

Stargate SG-1

Phantom Limbs,  Team; Gen;  drabble

Highlander       (All stories are archived at HL Fiction Archive under 'sundara' )

A Roused Spirit,  Duncan/Methos; ADULT;  3087 words

Corposant,   Methos/Duncan, Joe, Mulder; xover w/ X-Files;  ADULT;  13135 words

Nose Prints on Glass
, Methos/Duncan, PG;  2660 words

Glimpses of Spring
,  Duncan/Methos, ADULT;  17657 words

Sweet as Summer,  Duncan/Methos, ADULT;  19304 words

A Place in the World,  Joe, Methos, Duncan; G;   2189 words

Home for the Holidays,  Amanda/Duncan; ADULT;  11270 words

Many more I have yet to upload and archive, including an unfinished series.


All Fall Down,  Tony/Gibbs;  G;  662 words


I have a lot of fiction here, mostly Mulder/Skinner, and Gen.  Not sure where I'm going to archive them yet, so nothing is uploaded yet.

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