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Slightly touched

Oh *wow*.  I just revisited a wonderful resource for K/S fic links, many of which are ST:XI and therefore otherwise hard to find because they're on journals: Rhaegal's Masterlist of Star Trek Recs (located on Dreamwidth). I was scrolling down, finding new pieces she'd added and reading them for the past day, when I got to the middle of the page. And saw my name:

*** Passages and Learning Home, Part I, Part II and Part III by </a></b></a>sundara - ADULT
As much as I love conflicted!Spock, I also have a huge soft spot for post-ST6 Spock who has reconciled his human and Vulcan sides and is at peace with himself. This one is a brilliantly original take on Vulcan culture that felt perfectly authentic, with K/S written as a natural development of a pre-existing bond.

According to Rhaegal's note at the top of the page:   *** means this fic owns my soul.

That just touches me deep in my creative heart. Everybody wants their artistic and creative efforts to be appreciated....and that write up is beyond fabulous. I feel blessed!

ETA:  Good grief...I read further and she rec'd another story of mine:

* A House of Cedar, Part I and Part II by </a></b></a>sundara - ADULT
Post-ST3 fics are always heart-wrenching, but this one had me in tears almost the whole way through, even though it's schmoopy romance with a happy ending. Kirk tries to help Spock recover his memories after the fal-tor-pan, and although it's Spock POV, Kirk's angst reverberates in every line and is perfectly believable.

* means I especially enjoyed this fic, and/or it contains something unique.

YAY. It's so really nice to know people like your stuff! (Yes, I know that's self-evident but give me a break!)

Tags: fic, rec, startrek
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