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This weather is an abomination.

It is currently five minutes to eleven o'clock, P.M., thank you very much, and it is stil eighty fucking three degrees. The humidity is currently seventy four percent, with the dew point at seventy four degrees. It feels like a g-damned wet furnace outside. I live in a g-damned swamp. A SWAMP. It's called the Great Dismal Swamp, and someone sure the HELL knew what they were doing when they gave it that name.

I think the mosquitoes are big enough to carry small babies away this summer.

Want to know what's on my WeatherBug? FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA. Lovely, lovely, Flag...where the summer high average hits in July at eighty two degrees, and--oh my GOD this makes me cry right now--the lows at night are around fifty. That's FIVE-OH degrees. With the humidity running about thirty, that's THREE-OH, percent.  It's seven thousand feet elevation, high enough to touch those wispy cirrus clouds streaking the sky.

I plan on moving there soon. Seriously. Very, very seriously.

Tags: rant, weather
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