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vid of the week


ImaginarySanity touched a cord on this with me. As she says in her blurb about the vid, "In a way, I made this video as a way to show that even with this new movie and all its hype, it is important that everyone remembers TOS, as it is the soul of Star Trek and all that it is. I want people to understand that in another life, Kirk and Spock loved each other. Whether you want to call it slash or not, it was undeniably love for one another."

Yeah. *That*. 


Jul. 30th, 2009 03:44 am (UTC)
Yay!! I purposefully lost count on my viewings. 7? 9? I honestly don't know. Suffice it to say, a LOT. I read a really great article once years ago by some famous director (wish I could recall WHO) but...anyway, he said when he was a young teenager, he watched some movie that had great influence in his life...sat through it all day Saturday, then came back the next day for all day's shows. Listed how on each subsequent viewing he got to delve a little deeper into how the movie was put together; how a different aspect would jump to the fore each time (because other aspects could sink to the background once assimilated.)

That's what I needed to do with this new Trek movie. It moves SO FAST...I don't think there's a shot in there that's more than 5-7 seconds in length w/o a camera jump. I literally couldn't take it all in, and had to keep going back to assimilate another aspect of it. Amazing.

And that vid IS lovely, isn't it? She's an amazing vidder...it's not easy to vid to a slow song like that, but boy she makes it work.