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late night rumblings

My week "off" is drawing to a close. I go to pick my father up at the train station on Thursday evening. As much as I love him, it's really a lot of work having him live here. Hell, just his finances alone are a ton of work. Blah. that we know he can get along up at my brothers, and walk up and down the stairs there, then I'm hoping he'll have more frequent visits to Maryland, giving me more breaks. And if his house in Florida sells soon, then we possibly will be able to build on here, creating more living space for all of us.

I mean...I can pretty much deal with anything I need to deal with, but...this situation is *really* stretching me. Between my daughter Katie, sweetie that she is, but who still needs extra from me and will until she goes to live in a group father, who's 83 and a decent hypochondriac--but just because he's paranoid doesn't mean he doesn't have stuff wrong with him, because he does: he's going blind from macular degeneration, has a hip replacement and doesn't walk well and is losing his hearing--and he's a widow who doesn't really know why he's still here...and my spouse, who flies around the world half the time, leaving me the nuthouse to take care of, but even when he's home, he's not always helpful...and my insane cat, who likes to think he's King of the Jungle around our house, but ends up getting the worst out of any fight he gets into (do they have cat self-defense classes?) any event...I'm the glue that keeps it all together. So what happens when *I* come unglued? Hmmm.

In my next life, I have a few requirements that I want to have written down in the fine print.
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