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various Trek fic recs

There's been many a great fic to emerge from the explosion of creativity that the new Trek movie brought about. The latest one I've enjoyed is also the latest in a series by kagedtiger called "timeverse" series. This links to that tag at her journal: Timeverse. It's K/S (yes, naturally, what can I say?) and what I love about it is the fact her characters aren't panting at each other from the start. There's issues, not the least of which is....the whole thing is a mistake. Or, if not actually a mistake, then...a series of unplanned-for events that ends up in a situation no one anticipated.

Go forth, start at the first (at the bottom of the journal page) and read.

Second rec is for a gen reboot Trek fic that made me *snort out loud* more than once. It's hysterical. (If you've never seen the comm ontd_startrek , then you must go forth and look. It's...unique, and hysterical.) This fic was inspired by a macro someone made on the comm. Just...don't be drinking while you're reading.  blcwriter 's   Iowa was No Place for Heroes .

Third rec is a TOS K/S, something I grokked from killa :  What You Love  by sans_pertinence . Meaty, wonderfully written....this story shows Kirk as he really is seen in the original series, without any changing--no romanticizing of him, no warping of him at all. Shows his warts AND his extraordinary nature (with, of course, that extraordinary stuff much more prevelent, as it really was. Srsly.  :-))

Fourth is an entry by liketheriver :  Starting Gate.  Gen reboot Trek, Bones' voice. She says Bones wouldn't shut up, and I'm so glad!! This is another one you want to watch the drinking while reading thing, or you're gonna have spray all over the monitor. I'm just sayin.

Fifth and last for now is one of the first big slash K/S reboot stories, Breaking Points by ragdoll987 . Link goes to the epilogue where all the previous parts are listed and linked. Great slow build, with lots of story and plot happening. Which is, natch, just my kind of thing.

And that, as they say, is that. For now.

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