Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

After many years of little real participation online, it's kind of nice to find the time and energy once again to have a presence here. And, because Melina prodded me to repost my old Highlander fiction to the HL archive, since I took it off the web about 5 or so years ago when I deleted my website, I've started doing just that.

So, for anybody who might care or find interest in them, I've started putting up old Highlander stories at The HL Fiction Archive under the name sundara.  Currently, I've reposted five stories, all slash, (originally written under the pseud 'rac'):

A Roused Spirit -  It's hurricane season on the Outer Banks, and Duncan and Methos are stranded on Ocracoke Island.

Corposant -  Crossover with X-Files;  Mulder sets out to find a murderer and ends up with a hell of a lot more than he ever expected.

Nose Prints on Glass -  Adam Pierson's stay at Duke University as temporary professor is at an end, and he winds up in a little backwater North Carolina town, in no hurry to get back to Seacouver. After 5000, even the old guy can still learn something about himself from everyday people.

Glimpses of Spring - Originally written for the first Futures Without End zine. Methos is heart-sore after Alexa dies, and Duncan takes him to Kyoto for some necessary healing.

Sweet as Summer - Written as a somewhat sequel to Glimpses. It's four months after Methos and Duncan the old guy going to resurface? Maybe it's best he doesn't, if someone is after him. Set in Bora Bora and Seacouver.

Plenty more to come in the god, I was prolific once upon a time! Just goes to show how much real life can eat up your creative energies--which, actually, I'm working real hard on getting back in my life. I think certain elements have received enough of my time and energy. It's time now for me to get back to doing what I love to do.

Tags: fic, highlander
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