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I've seen the Star Trek movie now 5 times. (Hey, I live in a small town with three theaters...the ticket prices were $3 for matinee and $5 for evening. If I could have, I'd have gone more.)

FINALLY....the Star Trek franchise and Paramount GOT IT RIGHT. After screwing up Deep Space 9, Voyager and most *definitely* Enterprise, someone got a clue and reverted to the original ideas that captured the world's imagination. Yes, it wasn't perfect (I await receiving the novelization to read the behind-the-scenes storyline that we didn't see on screen) but it was captivating and exciting and the music was lush and fabulous, and OH. MY. GOD. The actors were fabulous! Yes, I'm reverting to my childhood and squeeing like a little kid. It was like watching a fanfic--AU universe, time travel, excellent stuff.

And the fic that people are churning out--!! YAY. I haven't seen this activity in the Star Trek/TOS arena in years. It's so exciting, loads of really good stuff out there hitting on my two favorite story kinks: what did SpockPrime leave behind in youngKirk's mind? and... how does youngKirk adapt to being Captain so quickly (and deal with everyone who still sees him as troublemaker Cadet Kirk).

And best of all....SLASH. K/S once more. And, interestingly enough, I'm enjoying the occasional threesome S/U/K or even well-done het S/U. Lots of McCoy/Kirk stuff too, but...I just never was interested in going there, and as much as I adore this McCoy, I'm still not. It's just NOT their relationship. Never was, still isn't. But to each their own. I'll stick with mine! YAY.
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