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Ignoring the Constitution again

Wow...I think we're seeing evidence of the status quo in charge using even more insidious techniques to mold and dictate the thoughts of the general public. I run Trend Micro on my laptop; I am not amused.

The money men are truly using their ownership to control the public through their companies, be they media or services or goods. I wonder if, somewhere in their limited mental capabilities, they ever studied France, 1789, or perhaps Russia, 1917? People tend to have one thing in common: they will take a lot, but eventually, they reach their limit.

ETA: LOLOL I just checked the above link to make sure it was working properly, and nearly swallowed my tongue laughing...in the middle of Cormier's article about Trend Micro's not-so-small action, there's an ad for....Trend Micro. Talk about balls!