Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

Yes, I'm a Liberal.

Let me just say that I continue to be amazed and stymied by people who have been exposed for years to the Republican Party's platform and tactics and have watched Palin and McCain at their convention, and are being swayed to vote for them (I'm not talking about staunch Republicans...they are terminally ill and beyond current help.) I have heard and/or seen on tv people who were on the fence and said they've been swayed by their words.

THEIR WORDS? Those empty, puffed-up lines of rhetoric that said absolutely nothing beyond Democrats and left-wing Americans are responsible for everything evil under the sun? (Yeah, love how you're pulling the country together, there, might want to start with your own party first.)

The utter lies, the reversal of statements to fit the need, the dissembling...amazes me. I heard this evening that the reason McCain canceled his scheduled appearance on Larry King was because the Republican campaign spokesperson Tucker Bounds was on Campbell Brown the other night, and afterward complained that 'they went over the line.'

What did Campbell Brown do that was so heinous?

In response to his statement, "She's been the commander of the National Guard of the Alaska National Guard that's been deployed overseas. That's foreign policy experience," Campbell asked three times "Can you tell me one decision that she made as commander in chief of the Alaska National Guard, just one?"

He couldn't answer, of course.

How DARE she question his perfectly straightforward and clear statement about the VP candidate? How RUDE. It's definitely not CIVIL to have someone help you look ridiculous on national tv, so I can understand why they don't want their candidates being questioned by those left-wing, liberal media persons...they don't seem to have the right attitude (docility and stupidity).

Frankly, I think they should just pull all instances of McCain and Palin being on television, period. Let those nasty reporters cover Obama and Biden... I bet the Democrats end up regretting it!

(the previous two paras were heavily sarcastic, for those right-wingers who couldn't tell.
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