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YAY...back on track and down again. After two weeks of crap interrupting my love affair with losing weight (a really heavy period that sapped my strength-5 days of no exercise, then immediately afterward, getting toxic and having royally PITA symptoms like running a fever with accompanying aches and feeling run down for ANOTHER five days of no exercise) I am back in the saddle and down another 2 lbs for a total of 11.5 lbs. YAY.

There is nothing worse than not feeling at the top of your game, physically. I detest it. I laid around the house feeling like a Mac truck ran over me when being toxic, until I could get enough fluid in/through me and also get to the chiropractor (who immediately said, yes, liver issues, toxicity issues, so yay I was right. Joy.) Although he did comfort me by acknowledging everybody who loses weight gets toxic, but I had the perfect storm of events that just made mine worse than normal. Great. No more perfect storm, guys!
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