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waiting for my cable to work again

I didn't have cable modem connection yesterday morning...had it when I got home in the evening for a while, but then it left again. Finally went to bed around midnight, and woke up at 7 this morning, only to find I STILL didn't have internet connection via my cable. A call to my provider got me a prerecorded message last night saying they knew there was an outage in my area and were working on it. This morning, I got no message, but the live person (eventually) said there was no reports of outages. :::grrrrr::: To top it off, the first trouble call opening they could schedule was Monday at noon. 3 days of dial-up, and I left ALL of my @#$$%^& online work for today. Naturally.

Sometimes things really suck. (off to do work today that will take twice as long as I expected...)