Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched


Yay! Week One of Facing Fifty and Wanting to Change has been highly successful!

I have officially lost 6 pounds (*6*) this first week on the South Beach-like eating plan (notice I avoided diet, because I can eat as much as I want of many things, until full, and it feels more like an *avoidance* plan rather than a diet plan--just avoid most simple carbs like bread, pasta, rice, etc, including high-carb veggies (basically high glycemic-index foods) unless consciously worked into the day/week plan.) It's comfortable and easy to stick to, and just like they've always said, this plan is self-supportive--it's pretty damn easy to stick to, because by the very nature of the eating, I've not really felt hungry or had the "munchies" much at all. It really does work.

And on another make-over note, my hair is growing in, well...not leaps and bounds, but perhaps maybe spurts. It's copper red-blond and gaining length, so that's certainly a huge divergence from the past however many years' norm!

I plan within one year, no one will immediately recognize me...or perhaps they'll mistake me for someone famous. *g*
Tags: personal, weightloss
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