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SGA 5.02 The Seed


Just watched the new SGA, "The Seed". Woolsey is now in charge.




Well...that's about how exciting it is with Woolsey setting the tone as leader. Good GOD...that was awful. He has all the affect of a dead body...and therefore, so did the pace and tone of the show. (I like him as background noise with others taking charge, but with him IN charge? Ye gods.)

Granted...everybody was sitting back and letting him be... the leader. Not much else they could do if they didn't want to get fired, I suppose, the way they wrote it. John did his own thing 5 minutes before the end of the show, to save the day literally and figuratively.

Yes, yes, bad writing, bad writing...but God. Woolsey? A whole season with that flat affect in charge? KILL ME NOW.