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Since I'm a new rabid fan of NCIS, I thought it was appropriate to start this act entry with a b&w PFOOF shot that kind of details the situation.

I've never really been wildly interested in a small fandom before...but more to the point, never been interested in an even tinier pairing.

Newsflash: it's depressing.

Mostly it's depressing because, in the world of NCIS and more specifically Gibbs/DiNozzo, the writing that's currently being done is, well, for the most part, awful. REALLY awful. Like...reading-your-13-year-old-niece's-seekrit-longings-down-on-paper awful. (Maybe because they all ARE 13 years old.)

And, to add insult to injury, it's almost all WIPs, posted a brief "chapter" at a time, with God-knows-how-long in between. So you not only gag at the awful sugary sweetness and emotional immaturity of the writing, you can't even get satisfaction of a plot resolution.

I've also never seen such wildly diversified pairings in a fandom...there seems to be no even-slightly OTP. At all. The characters are paired with each other willy nilly, obviously with people having their own favorite(s) but overall, the stories run the gamut from gen, to any het pairing, to any slash pairing, with xovers being very popular, with all kinds of other shows, but mainly other cop-type shows like the various CSIs.

It struck me the other day, though, that this is the first show in a long, long time that I've been rabid for that's not a "genre" show, like SGA or HL or XF. (I suppose I must think of The Sentinel or dueSouth, also more main stream shows...but, still, they weren't that main stream.) So the fandom of a mainstream network show is more diverse, pulls in greater numbers, and therefore, of course, has a huge percentage of boring, vanilla, (young) and/or silly (read: BORING) people.

So, back to the PFOOF ----> me.

Barb, I'm so glad you've crossed to the NCIS side. Please tell me you're going to write fic soon and saaaaaave my sanity. Pleeeeease.
Tags: ncis, rant
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