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a few SGA comments

So...I can't help seeing the writing shaping things in a very particular way...they've kinda been rather obvious about it:

Rodney, in Doppelganger, re: John's dreamscape: I thought there'd be more hot babes.
John, replying, has very vague, unconvincing, uncomfortable look on his face: Yeah.

No, Rodney, there's only you and John's work and John's work-related fears there. Nothing--and no one--else of significant value. Catch a clue yet? Obviously not when we segue to...

Tabula Rasa, in which Rodney is so painfully forcing himself to be "sweet" and "attentive" to Katie...which, on one hand, speaks well of him in a sense, but oh please...that kind of behavior can't last too long, Rodney, and you need to catch a clue. People inevitably revert to who they are, without effort, and that behavior just ain't gonna survive time wearing away at it. I personally think it's a hold-over from being Big Brother Meredith to's how you learned to relate to women you care for. Not necessarily sexually, tho, is it...more of the big brother-sweet-and-caring thing going on.

So there Rodney is, being all confused and Big Brotherly and worried about Katie, and leaving poor, poor John to wake up all alone and freak out about those who've died: "Where's Rodney?"

Yes, it's obvious that John knows who and what he is, and who and what he really wants. Not too surprised about his dreamscape, not really inhibited about revealing his fears about who died.

Yes, John, that hair is definitely you. But how in God's name are you gonna wake up Clueless Rodney to the situation? You might "never see it coming" when it comes to women...but it's really really obvious by now that Rodney won't see what's right in front of his face without a little nudge, or perhaps a huge bat to the back of his head.
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