Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

So we're having brunch today in my friend's restaurant, and a friend who works there is taking our orders and catching me up on important stuff....

Fr: I went out with this guy Monday night.

Me: Yeah? That's the first in a while. How was it?

Fr: Oh, just great. So great that three days later, he packed up and moved out of state.

Me: Er.

Fr: He was talking about his ex-wife. He's 32, and he was talking about how immature she I'm thinking maybe she's some young thing, 19, 20ish or so...but *no*...she's 62. Thirty freakin' years older than him, but, see, she's "immature".

Me: !!!!!

Fr: See, I figured that wasn't a just a little red flag, that was a god damned red *flare*.

Me: Um, true. But he moved away anyway, so you don't have to work at avoiding him.

Fr: Yeah. I'm only 3 years older than him, anyway, so I'm probably way too young for him, after all.

Life is truly stranger than fiction, I don't care what anybody says. Even if you pull the book from the Fantasy section.
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