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The Stargate - Star Trek connection

I've been watching Atlantis today, just watched "The Storm",and I noticed something small, but cute: You know how the writers have had Rodney equate John to Capt Kirk numerous times now? (what, 3?) The ending of The Storm has Rodney out on the balcony in the rain, yelling "Kolya!!" into the communicator in the same tone of voice Kirk uses in Wrath of Khan when he's yelling "Khan!!". It's the exact same scenario.

It's kind of hilarious to me, since I've been saying for years now that Stargate is the direct inheritor of ST:TOS' legacy. It doesn't take itself too seriously (which none of the other ST series could say), has a lot of snark and great dialogue, and yet manages to make a good point about cultural and/or current events in many episodes. And now the writers are coming out of the closet and literally splaying the connection out on the screen. Ha. Gotta love those DeLuises. I feel like my first, grand love has come full circle. Life is good :-))
Tags: eps, meta, sga, startrek
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