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Got tired of looking at the same ol' same ol', so I redid the lj image. Wish I could redo myself just as easily. Howmsoever...the second week of disciplined eating is going swimmingly. Rather easily so, which is extremely pleasant to experience. No angst-filled moments of yearning after something to eat. Also, the exercise everday is going great. Yesterday was just a damn weird day all around, nothing turned out like I had planned, so by the time 7pm rolled around, I was feeling really out of kilter. Did my meditation and moved the energy, then I threw on some exercise clothes and did a 20 min routine at 8:45! Felt great, really helped to bring things back into a sense of balance. Yay me!

As for writing...nothing much accomplished other than thinky-stuff in my head. I have GOT to sit down and really brainstorm with friends on the second half of the ST:TOS story; I have no idea what the details are, therefore I have no idea what to actually *write*. And the DEADLINE LOOMETH. But I am determined to accomplish this, I really am.

I am determined to accomplish a lot of things at the moment. And I will.
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