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Long time no write. But I just had to share this. It's...odd, I guess, or at least it makes me feel odd. But.

A month or two ago, I watched "Eight Below" and fell in love with the dogs and the environment. Just loverly. And, oh yes, did I mention it's not hard at ALL to watch Paul Walker's gorgeous blue eyes and easy delivery on more than one viewing? No? Well. Consider it mentioned.

Just a day ago, switching through the channels, EB was on again, and I left it on while doing something else, watching sporadically. In a moment of distraction, it suddenly hit me that...Ye Gods. Paul Walker is--maybe not quite a dead ringer for, but at least a real close brother in looks to--my own son.

Eeek. I had a moment of very odd-feeling squickiness. Kinda changes the whole tenor of things.

And now I know I'm getting older. :-/
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