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sweat, delayed writing and Shirley Valentine

I am not only brain dead tonight, but also wiped out. We cleaned out the garage today, in 90^ heat and high humidity. (I had threatened Spouse with bodily harm if he didn't help me do it today since he's leaving tomorrow, and the installer will be wanting to do his thing on the new garage door and opener, most likely before Spouse gets back.) I didn't even bother with clothes...just put on an old bathing suit and flip flops, and occasionally hosed off the sweat to stay cool. *g* I could have sworn I sweat out a few pounds, but alas, the scale says no.

So...tomorrow on writing more. I promised myself more writing this weekend, and in between laundry loads, I'll tackle that bit with the rediscovered names I needed to re-read.

Oh, has anybody seen the movie, "Shirley Valentine"? I'm trying to find my copy for a friend in town...she's going to Greece for a month in August, and I wanted her to watch the movie, see the trip to Greece (and Shirley's fling with cutie pie Tom Conti as a Greek taverna owner.) If you haven't seen this, and if you're on the far side of 35, definitely check it out. Fabulous. Also out of production...hope I can find it, don't want to have to buy another off ebay.
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