Slightly touched (sundara) wrote,
Slightly touched

this is definitely a *good* friday

Yay! The new Scifi Friday season starts tonight! Can we say psyched? I knew you could. I see a bunch of other psyched posts from everyone, too...have to go read and share in the squee.

Also, a wonderful story came to my attention this morning, from reel_sga, one of my all-time favorite movies: An Affair to Remember, by tiranog. Don't miss the lovely cover art also from the reel_sga challenge by yosimite. Yes, it's a sappy, angsty romance, but I love that movie, and tiranog did a wonderful job of writing it with John and Rodney in the starring roles.

And now, off to get some real life accomplished before it's time to veg out in front of the television tonight.
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