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lovely time away at Shore Leave

Boy did I need the time away from everything, and I had a wonderful time at Shore Leave. (For those unfamiliar with that, it's a very long-lived scifi convention in Baltimore--this year was its 28th year!)

Had great time just sitting around in the dealer's room talking to all the K/Sers at the zine tables...had a great time at the K/S Press party on Friday night (ohmygod! Shatner made a vid about his love for Leonard! What a hoot.) As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed watching Robin bully and cajole everyone into bidding more during the K/S art auction--a true master at work. *g* Enjoyed the Saturday K/S panel and the Sunday general slash panel. Enjoyed saying an unexpected 'hi' to Carmen Argenziano (whose character on SG-1, Jacob Carter, I very much enjoyed) as I entered the con hotel on Friday. And I never cease to be disconcerted, no matter how many media actors/actresses I've met, at how skinny they are compared to their on-screen appearance. Carmen always seemed short-ish and stocky to me...ha. He's tallish and lanky. Gotta love the trompe l'oeil. And *that* was the extent of my star interaction...I would have enjoyed seeing Amanda Tapping, but not enough to go out of my way and battle the crowds to attend her panel. So...I didn't.

Instead, I loved talking to Jenna, to Kathy, to Jean, to Dusky, to Robin, to Killa, to Kim, etc, etc, etc. And buying Dusky's lovely, lovely jewelry pieces--she's making the complicated glass pendants and earrings, among other things. Gorgeous.

I got to squee over SGA vids with Kathy Resch, and possibly pimp Dusky into watching the show, along with SG-1. The DVDs may be headed her way soon. And I stayed up till after 3am on Saturday night reading a story that came out either that day or the one before: The Body Holographic by leahwoof. Oh my! I enjoyed that a lot. Cried like a baby during the end portion. It's a sequel, you need to read the original story first: Left To Fend by springwoof. VERY original and unique...I like that. Go, read, enjoy! The lengthy sequel is a work of pure love, you can tell; lots of effort went into crafting it.

I'm using the energy it sparked in me to fuel writing my own story that I had better get crackin' on. I'm psyched after the to *just*find* the *time*. Deadline: August 15th. Words so far: 9100ish. I figure I'm about 1/3 of the way through. EEKKK.

Brinkmanship, thy name is mine.
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