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hot mattresses and house repairs

It's 3am, and once again the 6inch pillowtop mattress turned into a heat sink. It wakes me up, and then of course I have to get up and let the damn temper-pedic type material cool off before attempting to try and sleep again. I turned the a/c down to aid in the process. I love my mattress' comfort, but the heat retention sucks in the summer.

FINALLY. After two years, we finally got the ceiling repaired. The large hole in the living room had almost become a fashion statement, held closed as it was with a large wood piece. Spouse fell through two years ago Memorial Day while flooring the attic, and between dad issues and other real life busyness and the very frustrating reality of trying to find someone who does ceilings, it's taken this long. But yay! A couple months ago, Spouse handed me $400 from his trip to the casino while on a business trip, and then within days I actually found a drywaller/ceiling person who came right out and gave me an estimate! Naturally, it took two months to finally get him back to do the job, but it (and the botched repair in the bathroom where I fell ten years ago) are now fixed and looking good, and all I had to do was pull out the $250 I had saved in my dresser drawer. Painless. Yay.

On Spouse's last foray into the world on business, a week in Alaska, a week in NJ and then home, he made out like a bandit: got bumped flying out on one flight and received one free round trip ticket; got bumped on the coming home flight and received a round trip ticket. While in NJ, went to his usual haunt in Harrah's at Atlantic City on the frontside of the week and won a $2000 jackpot; went back on the tail end of the week and won a $1000 jackpot. All in all, a tres lucrative excursion.

So I packed the $2200 that made it home into the bank and went immediately shopping for flooring. Our carpet and vinyl looks like dogs have thrown up on it and torn it up with their claws. Oh...well yes, that happened, so no wonder. (I am never having dogs again. Cats only. Hairballs I can deal with.)

So yay! Found a top-grade carpet and it's just as I guessed: gonna be about $3700 for the house (I estimated $4000.) Found sheet vinyl that looks like hardwood flooring for the kitchen, laundry room and master bath, and a paver tile look-alike for the hall bath...and I will get the bad news about the cost of that tomorrow after the installer comes to measure for sq. yardage. But I figure $2500 (we have a very long kitchen/dining room.)

Now that whatever constipation was holding changes back from happening around here has lifted, I want to do it all, RIGHT NOW. I had the awning guy come out and take measurements for canvas awnings over the windows to help cut down heat coming through into the house; estimate to come next week. I have Spouse all pegged to do the Big Garage Clean-Out and Throw-away this weekend so there's not much left in there and I can actually PARK in it (a novel idea)(It sucks living where they don't have basements because of the water table.) Garage door opener: $200, installation hopefully not chokingly extra. I've been looking at laminate samples because once we get the new floor in the kitchen, I know that robin's egg blue countertop is going to have to GO GO GO quick. New counter top: ~$250 New sink: ~$300 New faucet:~$250 Installation: hopefully affordable with my friend's illegal mexican brother in law. *g* Said brother in law is coming out sometime now to pressure wash the house. I need to find a concrete contractor to give me estimate on widening the driveway to a two-car width so Spouse and I don't constantly do the driveway tango around each other. I have a sneaking intuition that our twenty year old refrigerator is going to need replacing within the year: ~$1000. I should get a few screens remade on some of the windows where dog claws and then-teenaged son have, in the past, poked holes. And in the fall, once the heat and humidty goes away and windows can be opened...October, I will have Friend's brothers in law paint the walls.

We've lived in this house for 15 years this month, July 9th. It seemed that around year 10, everything started to go seedy looking, like it simply timed out, but we've been so damn busy with stuff, we couldn't focus on it. But now? It either gets fixed or I go postal! I gotta live here and I need an attractive, comfortable environment, or else.

I think Spouse has his work cut out for him: definitely time to make the really big haul at Harrah's.
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