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Storms, fathers and the ecology

Here we go again. It's only June 13th, and our very first named storm of 2006 is barreling down on us. Alberto. (Named after our illustrious AG, accent on the "ill". His tenure in DC has almost been like having a hurricane there, with just about the same amount of damage.)

On other good news, I think I inherited my tendency to fannishness from my father. He's a fan, too--granted, his obsessions are old movies, but he can name you just about any bit player from 1930 to 1970, and, I'd wager, about 75% of the movies produced before '70, too. Give him a musical, and he's in heaven. He's a font of Hollywood trivia the likes of which I never knew he knew. And I'm hearing *every single bit of trivia he knows* since he's living with me. On the other hand, he's easy to entertain--I just buy every blasted movie channel Adelphia has, set him up with his own DVR, and he's the happiest 84 yr old you've ever seen. I figure, if I can be lounging around when I'm 84, reading slash and watching all the DVDs of my favorite shows, waited on hand and foot by offspring, that's not a bad deal. Also, he's a virtual encyclopedia of historical knowledge: anything about the political history of this country or of Europe after the 1600s. If there was a book out on England or Germany or American history, he's read it. And he's got great political viewpoints, also. Spouse, resident father and I share our liberal perspectives. (Which my brother does not share. I love my brother, but good god, he's a conservative. He listened to Rush Limbaugh. For that he's an idiot, despite his engineering degree from Johns Hopkins) All in all, despite his dependence and presence here putting me over my juggling limit and into perpetual scramble mode, the resident father is an interesting, intelligent, well-read, entertaining person. Too bad I've been too exhausted lately to appreciate it.

Oh, and Al Gore is on Larry King Live right now, talking about his documentary and global warming. Go Al.
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