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Story progress!

Finally broke ice on the ST:TOS story that's hanging over my head, thanks to devohoneybee. We went over the whole outline with as much large detail as I have, and I now feel much better about putting fingers to keyboard once again, after such a long absence away from not only this story, but writing in general. I'm feeling pretty positive about the deadline.

Naturally, though, we segued into my greater obsession at the moment, SG:A. Namely, John/Rodney. It was a little disconcerting to discover just how much I want to deconstruct John. I mean really take him down, take him apart, strip him of all of his shields. *guh* After admitting I have no idea why, devohoneybee just laughed at me, and I had to tell her not to help me understand! no! no! because I'm afraid if I do fully comprehend the nature of my own obsession, then its power will dissipate and I'll have nothing to fuel my putting fingers to keyboard to write that story. Which I really, really want to do. But I've sworn to myself that I can't do it until the final draft is approved for the ST zine story and it's long out of my hands. Mid-August is the deadline. So, fall for John. (John, you'll just have to wait to suffer so gloriously. Yes, we both can wait.)

I think fondly on years back, when I first spied wickedwords's blood-lust gleam in her eye during a panel at Escapade, and while I understood it intellectually, didn't have my own experience to match it. Er. Can't say that anymore. Poor, poor John.
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