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A nony moose surprise

Okay, somebody's really surprised and touched me...you know who you are (even if I don't). I hope I find out so I can really thank you, but until then, :sniffle, smooch: Since I now have a *paid account*, devo tells me I can have mucho icons. Cool! I can *express myself* to my heart's content. Not to mention, gaze at some pretty nice as--er, nice pics. :BIG BIG HUGS: to my nony moose person.

Started acupuncture today (I was really happy to find a great acupuncturist 5 minutes from my door). Whoo! What a rush. It was like getting an IV injection of the good stuff. And I got to walk out with 6 needles in me. Heh. (They're tacks, I've got 3 in each ear. I squeeze 'em for a 'jolt' on that point/meridian). I highly recommend the therapy--haven't been since the 80s, so this was like a whole new thing again. I walked in feeling rather bloated (ick) and came out feeling fabulous. Best $$ I've spent in months.

And, if that's not the best, it's even nicer that I got the bug yesterday to write something. FINALLY. A little SGA ditty. Can't speak to the end results yet, but it sure feels nice just to be part of the process.