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Public Radio (NPR) and Televsion (PBS) needs our help!

Hey guys:

I just received this letter from If you care at all about public televsion and radio, can you please take a moment and read this, then click to sign the petition? Last year when we all signed, it stopped Congress' attempt to do away with these resources. However, it's a new year and once again, they're doing the same old dance. Please help save non-commercial media. Thanks so much.

Over 1.4 million of us have signed the petition to save NPR and PBS—our biggest petition ever. Congress will vote again as soon as tomorrow.

Congress needs to hear from you before tomorrow's vote—save NPR and PBS.

Sign the Petition
Dear Ruth,

I just wanted to share some very cool news with you.  

Over the last couple of days, over 300,000 people (including 80,000 who are totally new to MoveOn) have signed on to our petition to save NPR and PBS. That brings the total number of us who've signed to over 1,400,000—making this not only our largest petition ever, but one of the largest petitions anyone's done.

But the next vote in Congress will be as soon as tomorrow. To stop Congress' budget cuts, we need to go even bigger: we're aiming for 1.5 million of us to sign on by tomorrow. 
The only way these petitions grow is by word of mouth.  As a signer, can you take a moment to forward the email below to friends and family who might be interested in this issue, and let them know why you think it's so important?

It's great to see so much energy around this important issue. As MoveOn member Kris from Michigan says, "NPR and PBS...promote good journalism, education and culture like no other source on radio and TV. They are important to the growth of our society."


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