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Escapism for a crappy Monday

In honor of it being a really blah Monday (it's raining, I have a migraine that I can't quite kick because it's hormone-related and I know others aren't having the best day either) I thought I'd post some vid links and recs. And if anybody out there has some to rec back to me, please do! I love a good vid, and I love the escapism even more.

Since it's my favorite universe to play in at the moment, let's start with Stargate Atlantis:


I really like Ma'hal's vids. My favs are: Cream in my Coffee (snerk), Crazy Faith, If I Were Gay (double snerk), From A Shell, It's in His Kiss, Rock Steady, and the ever-popular Love Shack, in no particular order of preference. Crazy Faith and From a Shell are very touching and emotionally well-done. The others are just plain fun.

Another vidder who's made some amusing vids is K.M. Anderson/Coffee Cat Productions. I'm sorry, I can't find the url/website where she has these available. If anybody out there knows the url/availability of these, please write. The one I really like is "Johnny FeelGood", song by Liz Phair. (Contact me if you would like to see this one.)

I really, really like this vid by Nel at http://www.pertifity.com : "Once More (With Feeling)", an excellently crafted instrumental piece vid. Her "Apocalypse, Please" also packs a punch.

Of course, any vid done by wickedwords is a plain KO in one punch. I adore "Hallellujah", and "Stress" is five star, stellar all the way. Get it here:

That's all I can think of off the top of my head...and now I've got these listed where I won't forget them, either. Chime in with more recs if you've got them.